Key Benefits of Having a Remedial Massage

After a long and hard day at work, isn’t it nice to just relax and get a massage? While relaxation massages soothe and relax your body, remedial massage South Morang has provides great benefits for your health. Relaxation massage and remedial massage are different from each other; relaxation massage is needed when you need to soothe aches in your body while remedial massage allows a massage therapist to identify an issue on your muscles and improve your mobility. To have an in-depth knowledge of the key benefits of getting a remedial massage, here is an overview of the conditions that it has treated.

Physical Conditions Treated by Remedial Massage

The remedial massage South Morang has currently aims to eliminate conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, and plantar fasciitis. It can also be used to treat muscle cramps for people who are more inclined to sports. In addition to that, people who usually have pain in their back, neck, and shoulders are often treated with remedial massage. Here are more conditions treated by remedial massage.

1. Jaw Pain
Jaw pain is caused by spasms from trauma, neck problems, or clenching teeth. A good remedial massage South Morang facilities offer will treat jaw pain by releasing the soft tissues surrounding the jaw and neck. Dry needling may also be needed to improve the movement of the jaw.

2. Knee Pain
Knee pain usually occurs due to sporting injuries and causes pain in most people. The treatment for knee pain including hamstring, patella dislocation, or calf muscle injury is to minimise the build-up of the scar tissue and improve the strength of the muscles.

3. Shoulder Pain
Shoulder pain is common in people who use their shoulder repetitively like swimmers, tennis players, and weight lifters. The South Morang remedial massage aims to treat shoulder pain by improving the stabilisation of your scapular and by making you execute biceps exercises.

How Does Remedial Massage Work?

Once you go to your massage therapist, they will compose a treatment plan where you will be getting several types of massages. Their goal is to quicken your blood flow to the painful area to achieve faster healing. If you have any muscle cramps, a remedial massage in South Morang is something that you should consider getting to see improvements.

When Should You See a Remedial Massage Therapist?

Do not wait until you feel chronic pain in your body to see a remedial massage therapist. However, if you already feel any minor or major pain in your body, it is best that you focus on these symptoms:

• Muscle sprain
• Headaches
• Sporting injuries
• Tiredness
• Muscle tightness

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