Lowering Stress Among Addiction Rehab Inpatients

When trying to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction, long-lasting stress will affect one’s competency to stay sober. Stress creates physical and mental listlessness, which make sobriety that much more difficult to maintain. Thankfully there are some easy steps that can reduce stress levels for patients dealing with addiction..

The first thing to do is pay attention to your breathing: inhale and exhale. Imagine thick anger going out, and white light coming in, in time with the breathing. If your mind wanders, focus back on the breathing. In short order the negativity will vanish and calmness will set in. It’s that simple!

To get your respiration going at a high rate, physical exercise is another means of lowering stress while at the same time getting you in better touch with your body. This is a key component in many recovery programs. Adhering to a training routine teaches discipline and focus. In time, the wellness effects will make training a key component of your everyday routine.

Another way to swiftly minimize stress is to take advantage of the power of positive thinking. Negative behaviors are rooted in negative thoughts. Start by changing one simple negative thought to a positive one. Try some breathing exercises if it seems too difficult. Continue practicing each time you catch yourself in a negative thought. In time the negativity will fade into nothing.

As a final component, make scheduling a part of your routine. This means planning out your day and sticking to your plans. In most quality holistic drug and alcohol rehab programs, this process is used to show patients how to sustain their sobriety while also working on reaching their goals.

In the digital age, another key contributor to stress is by remaining plugged in for too long. For example, The Next Step Chiang Mai is a sober retreat in Thailand, where patients are recommended to limit their time online. Instead, they’re encouraged to immerse in the vibrant community around them. There is a vegetable plot and hobby farm to attend to; forested hills to explore and plenty of cultural attractions around Chiang Mai city. In other words, by staying offline for as much as possible, patients can engross themselves in a steady stream of gratifying tasks. This brings stress levels down, while also encouraging deeper self reflection.

If you are fighting with a drug or alcohol addiction, consider a trip to Thailand. Immerse in an exotic oriental culture while building the foundation for a long-term recovery that leads to wellness: